Communication is very important for all humans because we like and need to communicate with other people. But, what is communication?

Communication is the exchange of information: humans can give and recive information.

In order to communicate with other people, we use means of communication. Means of communication are the instruments or methods we use to communicate with other people.

Means of communication can be classified into two big groups: personal and mass communication.


You use personal communication when you want to communicate with one person. So, what can you use to communicate with one person? You can use letters, emails, faxes and the telephone.


You use mass comunication when you want to communicate with many people at the same time. How can you do it? You can use the television, newspapers and magazines, the radio and the Internet. Let's see some examples:

  • Television: a debate program.

  • Newspapers and magazines: articles giving us information about sports, food, books, movies,...

The Times.jpg

National Geographic Kids.jpg

  • Radio: the news.

BBC Word Service - Radio.jpg

  • The Internet: there are millions of webs with different information on the Internet. For example:

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