Minerals are natural and solid materials that are made of only one substance.

You can find minerals on their own, or combined with other minerals to form rocks.

Different minerals have different properties and uses.


  • SHAPE: minerals can have a regular or an irregular shape. Pyrite has a regular shape, and quartz has an irregular one.

  • COLOR: minerals can display only one color or many colors. Malachite display one color, but opal can display many different colors.

  • LUSTRE: minerals can be shiny or dull. Shiny means that its surface is bright because it reflects the light; and dull means that its surface is not bright because it doesn't reflect the light. Pyrite and opal are shiny, and talc is dull.

  • HARDNESS: minerals can be hard or soft. Diamond is very hard, and gypsum is very soft.


You can see minerals everywhere, because humans use them in many different objects:

  • Construction: cement is made of calcite.

  • School: pencils are made of wood and graphite.

  • Home: the talcum powder we use in the bathroom is made of talc; our electric cables are made of copper; computers are made of quartz, silicon, aluminum, iron and some gold.

Let's see a couple of videos to make all this information easier to understand.

The first video will answer the question "What is a mineral?"

On the second video you could identify different minerals.

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