Nutrients are substances that our body needs to live and grow.

We obtain nutrients from food and there are 5 different types: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats.

Let's study them!!


Our body uses proteins for growing and building muscle tissue. So if you want to be strong, you must eat food containing proteins, such as meat, fish and eggs.


Carbohydrates give us energy. You can find carbohydrates in pasta, rice and bread; so that's why all the athletes eat lots of spaghetti and macaroni.


Vitamins are substances that our body needs to be healthy. There are many different types of vitamins and all of them are good for you in limited amounts. Fruit and vegetables contain vitamins.


As vitamins, our body needs minerals to be healthy. For example, our bones need calcium to be strong, and iron helps to transport oxygen.

You need to adopt a balanced diet to obtain all the minerals your body needs.


Your body needs fats too. Fats give us energy, but you shouldn't eat a lot of fats because they are not healthy. Butter, oil and fast food contains fats.

But, how often do you need to eat this nutrients?

  • You should eat fruit, vegetables and grains in every meal. Why? Because your body needs lots of carbohydrates - energy (grains), vitamins and minerals (fruit and vegetables).

  • You should eat proteins (fish and meat) one or two times every day. Why? Because your body needs to grow and your muscles need to be strong.

  • You should eat fats (butter and oil) rarely and in small amounts. Why? Because your body, sometimes, needs extra energy. But, remember: don't eat a lot!!

Take a look at this picture that summarizes all this information: click on the pictures to make it bigger!!

Food Pyramid.jpg

Ok, let's review all this information with some videos.

On the first video you are going to review all the information you just have learned.

On the second video, you are going to learn a song to help you remember all the information about the food groups.

Go to the games section to put this information into practice.