The skin is the biggest organ in our bodies.

Basically, our skin has 4 main functions:

1 - Do you remember that we eliminate waste substances through our digestive system (food waste) and our excretory system (urine)? So, we also eliminate waste substances through our skin. To eliminate waste substances through our skin, we use the sweat.

The sweat is produced in the sweat glands, and it is mainly made of water, but it also has salt and waste products. So that is why the skin help us being healthy (we eliminate a lot of waste products through it!!).

Sweat Gland.jpg

2 - The skin keeps us cool thanks to evaporation: when we sweat, our bodies are covered in liquid. Thanks to the heat, that liquid (the sweat) evaporates, and when it evaporates, the sweat takes some of the body´s heat away.

3 - The skin protects us against injuries (it protects our bones, muscles and organs) and infections (it stops germs and bacteries from entering our bodies). That's why you must clean your wounds properly.

Clean a Wound.jpg

4 - The skin is the organ of touch (do you remember the 5 senses?) and it gives us lots of information. Our skin is very sensitive because it is full of nerves. So, when we touch an object, the nerves send a message to our brain and our brain tells us what the object feels like (soft or hard, dry or wet,...).

Skin with Nerves with Names.jpg

Time to review all this information with some videos.

With the first video, you will learn why humans sweat.

With the second video, you will learn how to clean a wound.

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