Rocks are natural elements that are made of minerals:

  • Some rocks are made of 1 mineral (e.g. marble is made or calcite).

  • Some rocks are made of more than 1 mineral (e.g. granite is made of feldspar, mica and quartz).

We can find rocks in the 3 states: solid (most of them), liquid (petroleum is considered a rock) and gas (natural gas is considered a rock).

Like minerals, different rocks have different properties and uses.


Rocks have many different properties. This course we are going to study the basic ones:

  • Color: as most of rocks are made of 2 or more minerals, they usually display many different colors.

  • Lustre: as minerals, rocks can be shiny (anthracite coal) or dull (limestone rocks).

  • Hardness: it depends on the minerals that the rock contains. So, basically, rocks made of soft minerals, will be soft; while rocks made of hard minerals will be hard.


Like minerals, you can find rocks everywhere:

  • Construction: bricks are made of clay; some walls are made of granite; some roof tiles are made of slate (e.g. our school's roof is made of slate).

  • Energy: cars need petroleum; coal can keep us warm in winter.

  • Industry: plastic, paint and fertilizers are made of petroleum.

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On the first video, you will review some of the previous information.

On the second video, you will watch how granite is transformed.

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