As we get older, our body grows and changes. That's why we go through 4 different stages of life:


This stage includes babies and children:

  • Babies are small children. They don't know how to talk or even walk. Babies need their parents in every moment.


  • Children are bigger than babies. They can do many things, but children need to learn how the world works. That's why they have to go to school.



This period usually starts when children are 12 or 13 years old and goes on until they are 18 or 19 years old. It's the stage from childhood to adulthood. It's very important, as many important physical and psychological changes occurs in it.



After adolescence, our bodies stop growing. Then we become adults. Adults can reproduce: they can have babies.



More or less, when adults are 65 years old we consider that they have entered the old age. In this stage, people can retire (stop working) and some changes occurs: the hair becomes grey and, normally, people need some help as they are weaker.

Old Age.jpg

Time to watch a video about the different stages of life humans go through:

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