You already know that our body eliminates food waste (the food parts our body doesn't need) through the anus. To do so, our body uses the digestive system.

But, you also know that there is waste in our bodies and blood too.

How can our bodies eliminate that waste? To eliminate the body and blood waste, our body uses the excretory system.

The most important parts we can find in the excretory system are:

  • The kidneys: they filter the blood to clean it from waste substances, and to reabsorb water an vital nutrients.

  • The urine: the kidneys use water and waste substances to form urine.

  • The ureters: the urine goes down the ureters to the bladder.

  • The bladder: the bladder collects the urine.

  • The urethra: when the bladder is full of urine, we go to the toilet and the urine leaves our body through the urethra.

Can you find the kidneys? (from

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